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    Location, population Puhovichi

    Puhovichi - agrotown in Pukhovichsky district of Minsk region with a population of 1 825 people. The agro-town is located 9 km from Marina Gorki, 58 km from Minsk.

    History of the development Puhovichi

    For the first time Puhovichi are mentioned in the XVI century as a village, privately owned. As a result of the second divide of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1793), Pukhovichi were incorporated into the Russian Empire. In 1863 a folk school opened in Puhovichi, and in 1874 they began to conduct services in the Mother of God Church. In 1897, 1912 people lived in the town, most of whom were Jews.

    During the First World War in February - December 1918, the settlement was under the occupation of the troops of Kaiser Germany. In 1919, Pukhovichi became part of the BSSR. September 27, 1938 the status of the settlement was lowered to the village.

    During the Second World War from the end of June 1941 to the beginning of July 1944, the village was under German occupation. In 1942, 20 prisoners of war and 90 villagers were shot. In the 2000s, Puhovichi received the official status of an agro-town.

    Economic activity Puhovichi

    In the agrotown there are agricultural enterprises. Also in the area operates GLU «Puhovichsky forestry», who is engaged in logging and wood processing.

    Transport communications Puhovichi

    Pukhovichi is located on the Minsk-Bobruisk highway, 9 km from the agro-town in Maryina Gorka there is railway station Pukhovichi.

    Tourist potential Puhovichi

    In Pukhovichi, a priest’s house (beginning of the 20th century) and a Jewish cemetery have been preserved. Also in the agrotown there is the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which was opened in the second half of the 20th century in the wooden building of the former club.

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