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    Destination Distance The price for the car
    Minsk 292 km 7'830 order
    airplaneMinsk International Airport 318 km 8'527 order
    Mogilev 93 km 2'200 order
    Rogachev 116 km 2'927 order
    Zhlobin 137 km 3'457 order
    Bobruisk 176 km 4'442 order
    Gomel 182 km 4'880 order
    Vitebsk 239 km 6'032 order
    Borisov 246 km 6'596 order
    Polotsk 339 km 9'090 order
    Molodechno 368 km 8'126 order
    Baranovichi 413 km 10'423 order
    Ivatsevichi 462 km 10'202 order
    Lida 469 km 11'836 order
    Bereza 488 km 9'237 order
    Pinsk 500 km 12'618 order
    Mosty 541 km 14'506 order
    Ivanovo 545 km 17'192 order


    Cherikov - city, the centre of Cherikovsky area of Mogilev region with the population of 8,5 thousand people

    The Cherikovsky area is located in the east of Mogilev region and occupies the territory in 1,0 thousand in Borders with Chaussky, Mstislavsky, Krichevsky, Klimovichsky, Krasnopolsky and Slavgorodsky areas of Mogilev region.

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