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    Taxi from Urechye to the resort

    Destination Distance The price for the car
    Rassvet Luban health resort 45 km 1'129 order
    Berezka health resort 57 km 1'429 order
    Solnyshko health resort for children 63 km 1'580 order
    Svitanak Brest HICC 212 km 5'317 order

    Taxi from Urechye to recreation center

    Destination Distance The price for the car
    Turov plus hotel 132 km 3'310 order
    Strumen hotel complex 135 km 3'386 order

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    Destination Distance The price for the car
    Minsk 131 km 3'285 order
    Mikashevichi 126 km 3'160 order
    Lyahovichi 129 km 3'235 order
    Gantsevichi 135 km 3'386 order
    Baranovichi 154 km 3'862 order
    Luninets 170 km 4'263 order
    David-Gorodok 170 km 4'263 order
    Telehany 190 km 4'765 order
    Ivatsevichi 198 km 4'966 order
    Pinsk 212 km 5'317 order
    Beloozersk 229 km 5'743 order
    Bereza 231 km 5'793 order
    Ruzhany 237 km 5'944 order
    Ivanovo 250 km 6'270 order
    Drogichin 264 km 6'621 order
    Stolin 278 km 6'972 order
    Kobrin 286 km 7'172 order
    Pruzhany 295 km 7'398 order
    Zhabinka 314 km 7'875 order
    Brest 335 km 8'401 order
    Kamenets 341 km 8'552 order
    Beshenkovichi 370 km 9'279 order
    Braslav 390 km 9'781 order


    Location, population Ureche

    Urechye is a urban settlement of the Lyuban district of the Minsk region with a population of 2, 95 thousand people. The urban village is located 123 km from the regional center of Minsk and 18 km from the district center Lyuban near the Lyuban reservoir.

    History of development Ureche

    The first mention of the town Ureche refers to 1635. At that time, the nearest land belonged to the Olelkovic family. Then they go to the Radziwills. The eighteenth century was a time for the procreation of Uchya. In 1737, the Radziwills decided to build a manufactory for the production of glass products. They signed an agreement with the craftsmen of the Centenberg factory (Saxony), according to which they pledged to arrive in Urechye and work there, in parallel teaching local people their skills. All capable Belarusians came to study: serfs, free workers.

    Over time, the number of foreign masters decreased. By 1764, only one was left, according to sources. This manufactory was not the only one in the field of glass-making, in Naliboki a similar one was already operating. But there more attention was paid to glassware, while in Urechye they relied on window glass and mirrors. In addition, the production of manufactured tile.

    In 1846, the Ureche manufactory closed. What was the cause is not exactly known. Perhaps this form of production is outdated, and perhaps influenced by the policy of the Russian Empire. From that time on, Ureche was just a place, which in 1924 began to relate to the Lyuban district created that year. During the Great Patriotic War a partisan zone was created here, which until the end of the war was controlled by the partisans with varying success. Residents had to hard, MTS, nearby collective and state farms were destroyed. But after the war everything was restored. Today Urechye is an urban settlement that continues to develop.

    Economic activity Ureche

    Today there are three large enterprises in the urban settlement of Urechye: the branch of Urechsky distillery RUE "Minsk Crystal", SEC "Urechsky" and a bakery. The first plant is engaged in the production of alcoholic beverages, apple juice, carbon dioxide and rectified spirit. SEC "Urechsky" engaged in livestock meat and dairy, as well as the cultivation of grain, potatoes, corn and rapeseed.

    Transport communications Ureche

    The urban village Ureche is located on the Kalita - Lyuban road. Also on the territory of the settlement there is a railway station, which belongs to the line Soligorsk - Osipovichi.

    Tourist potential Ureche

    From the architectural monuments of the urban village Urechye stand out the church of St.. Cyril and Methodius and the Church of Sts. Nicholas. Both were built in the 20th century. Monument of the XIX century is Browar. Popularization of culture here is the House of Culture, the library and the music school, which actively carry out various activities and seek to comprehensively develop the inhabitants of the village. For recreation of tourists there is an opportunity to use the services of a recreation center or an agrofarm.

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