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    Destination Distance The price for the car
    airplaneMinsk International Airport 248 km 10'075 order
    Minsk 279 km 11'334 order
    Vitebsk 141 km 11'016 order
    Borisov 194 km 7'881 order
    Zhlobin 231 km 9'384 order
    Polotsk 245 km 8'422 order
    Molodechno 328 km 11'275 order
    Baranovichi 421 km 17'103 order
    Lida 438 km 313 order
    Ivatsevichi 498 km 17'119 order
    Pinsk 544 km 22'100 order


    Horki - administrative center of Horki district of Mogilev region in the east of the republic near the Belarusian-Russian border. The city is located on the Prone River (the Dnieper basin), where the Porositsa River flows into it. Horki are 80 km from Mogilev and 270 km from Minsk. Railway station Pogodino on the line Orsha - Krichev is located in the city. Horki are crossed by motorways of republican significance P70 (Mogilev - Lenino), P15 (Lepel - Krichev), P123 (Mostok - Dribin - Horki).

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