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    Destination Distance The price for the car
    Minsk 274 km 7'278 order
    airplaneMinsk International Airport 308 km 8'181 order
    Mogilev 86 km 2'016 order
    Rogachev 87 km 2'175 order
    Zhlobin 106 km 2'650 order
    Bobruisk 145 km 3'625 order
    Gomel 152 km 4'038 order
    Ivanovo 218 km 6'813 order
    Borisov 239 km 6'348 order
    Vitebsk 268 km 6'700 order
    Polotsk 337 km 8'952 order
    Molodechno 361 km 7'897 order
    Baranovichi 391 km 9'775 order
    Ivatsevichi 431 km 9'428 order
    Bereza 457 km 8'569 order
    Lida 468 km 11'700 order
    Pinsk 471 km 11'775 order
    Mosty 502 km 13'334 order


    Location, administrative division, population of Slavgorod and Slavgorod district:

    Slavgorod district located in the south of the region of Mogilev and covers an area of 1.3 km2. It is bordered by Chaussky, Cherikovsky, Krasnopolsky, Byhovsky districts of Mogilev region; Kormayansky and Rogachevsky districts of Gomel region. The district consists of 79 villages and 6 village councils. The population is about 14.8 thousand people. The administrative center - the city of Slavgorod with the population about 7.9 thousand people. It is located on the River Sozh, 70 km to the south from Mogilev, 58 km from the railway station Krichev.

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