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    Taxi to hotel complex Izumrud Krugloe

    Taxi hotel complex Izumrud Krugloe from the cities of Belarus

    Place of departure Distance The price for the car
    airplaneMinsk International Airport 170 km 4'738 order
    Minsk 187 km 5'211 order
    Mogilev 75 km 1'844 order
    Borisov 116 km 3'233 order
    Vitebsk 158 km 4'144 order
    Bobruisk 184 km 4'826 order
    Rogachev 187 km 4'905 order
    Zhlobin 206 km 5'403 order
    Polotsk 210 km 5'852 order
    Baranovichi 218 km 5'718 order
    Gomel 252 km 7'023 order
    Molodechno 257 km 5'898 order
    Lida 363 km 9'521 order
    Ivatsevichi 387 km 8'882 order
    Bereza 413 km 8'125 order
    Mosty 435 km 12'123 order
    Pinsk 460 km 12'066 order
    Grodno 477 km 13'293 order
    Ivanovo 492 km 16'131 order
    Zhabinka 512 km 14'269 order
    Brest 533 km 13'107 order

    Fast on-line taxi order to hotel complex Izumrud Krugloe from any city in Belarus and airport Minsk-2. Upon arrival we meet you at the train wagon, bus or in the arrivals hall of airport Minsk-2 with personal nameplate, if it necessary, we help with luggage and currency exchange (please indicate in the application form whether you require assistance). Also, thanks to our quality service, you may take care of the return transfer from hotel complex Izumrud Krugloe in advance to catch a flight, train or bus.

    The main advantage of our service is that you pay for the trip directly to the driver after the end of journey.

    Please note: the final cost of the trip is calculated according to the odometer value. The cost shown in the portal does not include downtime, as well as deviations from the standard route (forced detours, trips to shops, etc.).

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