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    Destination Distance The price for the car
    airplaneMinsk International Airport 218 km 76 order
    Minsk 221 km 77 order
    Mogilev 45 km 14 order
    Vitebsk 142 km 46 order
    Borisov 150 km 52 order
    Bobruisk 159 km 52 order
    Rogachev 177 km 58 order
    Zhlobin 196 km 64 order
    Polotsk 242 km 84 order
    Gomel 242 km 84 order
    Molodechno 312 km 89 order
    Baranovichi 352 km 115 order
    Lida 410 km 134 order
    Ivatsevichi 427 km 122 order
    Bereza 447 km 109 order
    Mosty 467 km 162 order
    Pinsk 492 km 161 order
    Grodno 524 km 182 order
    Ivanovo 524 km 214 order
    Zhabinka 546 km 156 order


    Location, administrative division, population of Shklov and Shklovsky District:

    Shklovsky district is located in the north of the region of Mogilev and covers an area of 1.5 km2. It is bordered by Goretsky, Dribinsky, Mogilevsky, Krugloyansky, Belychensky districts of Mogilev Region; Tolochinsky, Orshansky districts of Vitebsk Region. It consists of 12 village councils and one city. The population of the district of Shklov is about 32,1 thousand people. The administrative center is the city with the population of 17.8 thousand people. It is located on the River Dnepr, 30 km to the north from Mogilev.

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